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Payroc Choice

Whether you take payments in person, through a mobile device or online - savings is at the core of accepting payments with Payroc and the choice is yours.

Reduce or eliminate processing fees and grow your revenue

Give your customers the option to avoid processing fees

Compatible with all major card brands and payment methods

Dedicated, personalized support for every merchant

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Discover the Payroc difference

RewardPay* Choice

Our revolutionary compliant surcharging program, RewardPay enables businesses to add a credit card processing fee to the final price customers pay for an item. *RewardPay is not available through Wells Fargo financial institution.


ConsumerChoice empowers businesses to offer dual pricing at checkout, giving the option of cash price or a card price with processing costs included.


CashRewards, our premier cash discounting program enables a business to offset 100% of its processing costs and offer a discount to any customer paying with a cash or check.

Same day funding

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IC+ and Flat Rate

Security & PCI

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Our marketplace, your choice

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